Pipeline managment is the understanding of the events and activities that are applied to optimise the use of energy, to minimise costs and thereby improve economic competitiveness. With AQ devices and a web-based software interface management can start immediately. In practice this means connecting AQ communication devices to the meters which send periodic status information to the meters when the system is set up. This allows the devices to inform us about the trend of the system. By monitoring the data on a daily basis we can identify trends in system behaviour which can then be analysed and adjusted by system processes to reduce energy consumption. The system can be set to virtual alarms so that even the smallest of consumptions, such as toilet taps or a radiator open over the weekend, are always notified. In the event of a burst pipe there is a machine alarm system in the background that notifies the moment of the pipe damage.

The AQ WEB interface is used for analysis and overview where the devices are monitored individually or grouped together in a chart. The interface with virtual devices also allows us to calculate the difference between the input and output information in the system. In this way it is easier to analyse the happening in the pipeline. The Leak Detection Algorithm helps us to identify losses more easily. The whole system can be protected by the threshold algorithm function which monitors the devices and automatically reports problems on the network without our constant supervision.

The system can also be used for individual monitoring of households, industrial facilities or stand-alone measurement at a remote location. Different types of sensors with digital or analogue output can be connected to the AquaLink system. The AQ unit can measure the level, open channel pressure, temperature, humidity, wind speed, ph, chlorine sensor or meters of different media such as calorimeter, gas meter, air flow meter, electricity meter. At the same time the system can also power sensors - RS485-Modbus, 4-20 mA, etc. The AQ communication units are battery operated or connected to the mains.

The AquaLink control system uses various open communication network media to send data to the AQ WEB software. The system facilitates the monthly inventory of metering devices and alleviates the worry of being notified in case of a leak or burst pipe.

Communication operates via GSM 2G/3G/4G, NB-IoT, WiFi and LoraWan networks. AQ devices send data at configurable intervals and time periods. The system is easy to install and requires no programming knowledge.

System set-up, consulting and analysis can be carried out independently by end-users. If you need to build complete or partial solutions, the experienced AquaLink team, with the help of external partners, can provide the implementation.