Pressure and temperature sensor AQ, 0,30 Bar

Robust IP68 housing
Connectible with connector
Low power consumption 100 uA
Possibility of mounting under pressure
Power supply via AQ Logger (over 6 years)

The AQ pressure and temperature sensor is designed for long-term measurement in manholes or outdoor locations without power supply. The sensor has the advantage of low power consumption. The device connected to the AQ IoT Data Logger can operate in combination with a flow meter for more than 6 years with a 15-minute storage interval and data sent 2 times a day. For faster intervention in case of problems, minimum or maximum alarm values are set on the device, which inform the user of a malfunctioning system at the moment of excess. The batteries of the device can be changed and, if the device is connected to the mains, the pressure and temperature can be monitored online.

     2G/3G/4G (SMS)
     NB-IoT (SMS)
Device data
     Input 1,2
     Input 3,4 pressure and temperature
     Battery status
     Communication signal status
     Internal power consumption
     Temperature and humidity inside the device
     Valve open or closed (ON/OFF switch)
     Date and time (synchronised on each transmission)
Communication protocol
     AQ Protocol

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